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PPG Survey December 2017

A big thank you to all the patients who took part in the S.A.F. patient survey, an even bigger THANK YOU to the S.A.F. members who stood out in the porch to carry out the survey!

Please see the attached Presentation and Survey Action Plan.

PPG Survey Action Plan Dec 2017 (.docx)

SAF Patient Survey v2 (.pptx)

The group have put together a potential project list (see attached below) if anyone would like to participate please contact the practice.

SAF Project Ideas Register (.docx)

Apples Patient Survey September/October 2017 Action Plan

PPG Survey Action Plan Dec 2017 (.docx)

Action Plan March 2015

Action Plan March 2015 (.pdf)

S.A.F. 2014/2015

Patient Participation Enhanced Service 2014-15 (.pdf)

Patient Survey Results February 2015Action Plan March 2015

Action Plan March 2015 (.pdf)

Patient Survey 2013/14

  • Sherborne Apples Forum Letters/Forms

S.A.F Minutes










We were asked to set up a Group that represented our current Patient Population. We attempted to do this by approaching as many patients, in as many different ways as we could think of, to see if they were interested in joining the Patient Representation Group. We displayed posters in the Surgery Waiting Room, advertised on the website and also set up an enquiries desk at the Flu Day last October to try and recruit members

The Idea was to try and get representation from all ages and ethnic groups appropriate to our population. We decided on a “virtual” group to encourage more Patients to join as it meant they would not need to set aside time for meetings or coming to the surgery to discuss matters, but instead we could communicate by email or by writing in with comments and dropping them into the Surgery at their convenience.

The result was that we recruited, to date 75 members. We managed to reach different age groups but all the members to date are from one Ethnic Group. However, it must be noted that the majority of our ethnic diversity comes from our Patients at the local Girls School and we did not actively target them to join the group as our contact with them is through the School Health Centre and as the majority are “boarders” from abroad it would be difficult to get parental consent for their involvement.

The Group is still open to new members, please see below for printable letter re “joining” and Form to print off, complete and post back to us or bring in to the surgery when you are next in.

Group Members and Practice Population

In the Report below is a recent breakdown of our Patient Population by and Ethnicity.

These charts show our Patient Representation Group by age and Ethnicity.

Patient Survey

We asked everyone in our Patient Representation Group (PRG) what their ideas and priorities were in writing a Patient Survey.

Here is a chart showing their priorities:

We then used SurveyMonkey to write an Apples Patient Questionnaire based on what for our Patient Group prioritised. The survey was handed out to our Patients in the Waiting room and available to complete online. It was completed between January 1 – 15 2012. We handed out 200 Surveys in total and the results can be seen by following this link:

The password to open the results is: apples2012

Action Plan

We collated the results of the Survey and displayed them in chart form in our Waiting Room. We met and discussed the results as a Practice and devised a draft Action Plan to address any issues outstanding. The Action Plan was then sent to the PRG for comment.

A Copy of the Action Plan is below:

You said…

We did…

The result is...

I would like you to open more Saturday mornings or later in the evenings

Realised that our Late Evening and Saturday opening surgeries are not advertised enough in the Surgery or on the Website Make sure the Opening times remain on the notice boards in the Surgery and Front Door.

Add extra posters displaying the times and dates of Late surgeries and Saturday morning ones, up to six months in advance

New Posters up, website amended, result achieved.

Of the Patients surveyed 40% of you viewed the information in the waiting Room as only “moderately or slightly helpful”

Discussed with different departments in the surgery how we can improve the Waiting Room experience and information can be easier to find or more helpful

Have different topics each month displayed in the Waiting room, eg No smoking Day campaigns, to make more relevant and eye catching. Try and make sure all posters are relevant to our Practice Population

It would be useful if Receptionists could give out blood test results

We have discussed this at length and will be working towards this aim.

Work in Progress

It would be useful if Staff could advise Patients on arrival of any possible “long Waiting times”

All receptionists have been asked at a Staff Meeting to do this in future

Hopefully this will now improve

Would it be possible to have a “drop in Surgery” like Boots walk in Centre?

We don’t think this is possible. The Boots Walk in Centre in Yeovil is set up specifically for this service. We were pleased to see that only 5.1% of patients asked said they found it “moderately” easy to book an appointment within 48 hours with a GP and even better only 1.7% of patients asked said it “was not all easy” so overall the system we have seems to be working to suit the majority of patients

Not achievable

Would it be possible to have a hot drinks machine?

We have decided this might not be a good idea. Some patients come in to the surgery having “fasted” and we would be concerned re the children present and an un-monitored machine. We are always happy to give patients a glass of water if they need it while waiting.

Not at this time

Ten per cent of you still do not find parking easy

We will try and enforce that all staff members park in the “staff only” parking over the road in East Mill Lane. We have assigned a special slot in front of the Apples for the Duty Doctor, so he/she is always accessible, we will try and improve this as much as we can

Work in Progress

The Plan was agreed by the PRG and they asked me to publish it here on the webpage. The progress can be seen above.


We had to write a report on the whole experience, a copy of which is available to download here and in our Waiting Room for your perusal.

As a result of the survey we have not changed out opening times, but thought we would remind you of them again. They are:

You can call the surgery anytime Monday – Friday 08.00 – 18.30hrs

The surgery reception is open: 08.00 – 19.30 Monday and Tuesday, 08.00-18.30 Wednesday-Fridays.

Surgery times are: Monday & Tuesdays 08.50 – 19.20; Wednesday – Friday: 08.50 – 18.00

We are open at evenings and weekends and you can ring or book an appointment online.

Outside of these times please call 111.


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