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We were asked to set up a Group that represented our current Patient Population. We attempted to do this by approaching as many patients, in as many different ways as we could think of, to see if they were interested in joining the Patient Representation Group. We displayed posters in the Surgery Waiting Room, advertised on the website and also set up an enquiries desk at the Flu Day last October to try and recruit members

The Idea was to try and get representation from all ages and ethnic groups appropriate to our population. We decided on a “virtual” group to encourage more Patients to join as it meant they would not need to set aside time for meetings or coming to the surgery to discuss matters, but instead we could communicate by email or by writing in with comments and dropping them into the Surgery at their convenience.

The result was that we recruited, to date 75 members. We managed to reach different age groups but all the members to date are from one Ethnic Group. However, it must be noted that the majority of our ethnic diversity comes from our Patients at the local Girls School and we did not actively target them to join the group as our contact with them is through the School Health Centre and as the majority are “boarders” from abroad it would be difficult to get parental consent for their involvement.

The Group is still open to new members, please see below for printable letter re “joining” and Form to print off, complete and post back to us or bring in to the surgery when you are next in.

Group Members and Practice Population

In the Report below is a recent breakdown of our Patient Population by and Ethnicity.

These charts show our Patient Representation Group by age and Ethnicity.

Patient reference group age profile

Patient reference group ethnicity profile

Percentage of PRG that attend the practice on a regular basis

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